2013, and Void Tactical's Broken Bass is back on the scene, announcing Pulsific Planets debut release. Sure, it's a new name the man himself hit the scene as Selector Catalogue and a From the Gut collaborator back in the Detroit years. An old hand in Void Tactical, and the mastering engineer of our very first record, he is also the owner/operator over at Reject Records (Ann Arbor, MI). An amazingly detailed and versatile producer, in the Asteroid EP he presents his next equation, melding the intricate programming of Breakcore with dance floor vibe of Broken Beat. The result is explosive, and provides us with three mixes of hard broken acid core taken to maximum splinter level, a unique perspective with deep roots in sound of the Detroit Metro Area. Asteroid M is the DJ friendly slammer, with mix-in and mix-out for moving these staccato beats in and out of other tracks. The original Asteroid plays 2nd, supplying the full epic statement of slow build zooming from outer to inner space. And that's not all either, an expert level acid mix is available only for download if you spring for the fully quality waves at bandcamp. Composed, mixed, and mastered by one man alone - whether you know him as Pulsific Planet, Selector Cataloge, or Anti-Cheat the situation is undeniable, we've got a skilled craftsman on our hands here.