FS005 Eight Legged EP


A long time participant in Michigan's now famous noise scene (check Hanson or American Tapes if you somehow missed this), Redrot - Ryan Opperman by name - gives us the industrial floor in a way only he can. With teeth cut in grindcore bands and distorted electronic hardware, Redrot can give you all the darkness you could ever want and more. In Eight Legged EP he gives us 4 solid tracks filled with bass synth / bass drum counterpoint and motion - terror mastered and channeled. Check Mutant Youth Choir and Dead Rat Wheel's groove the bass lines, while Under Your Skin gives you a totally spooked out ride and Eight Legged Acid provides what can only be called a true acid creeper. This is Industrial bass at it's best - threading broken beats and sculpted low end together seamlessly into dance floor bombs that open up entirely new vectors of hybrid sound. With album artwork by Intoner http://intoner.org/, this may very well be THE creature feature of 2012.