FS012 Radiation Dance EP


Born in the warehouses of Detroit, long time instigators of the Eastern Market broken beat breakcore underground, Fluxion A/D captures the Detroit Industrial deep current like no other possibly could. This EP's title track is an extended distortion bathed alien vocal industrial groove that makes you wanna play it on endless. On the flip we get the harsher side of Fluxion as Simple Math pounds intense noise frequency against broken bass drum pattern. In the old days we remember God and His Bitches, and even before that Delien and Disect, when this crew where both allies and sparring partners to Void Tactical. And then to boot, M.Kadath from Parvulus Infectus steps in on Simple Math. Fluxion A/D is the next manifestation of this industrial network core collective, pushing forward yet again. Get the grit of history and a dose of the present tense - up Detroit Industrial.

Full quality purchase comes with Detroit Industrial patch, designed by Fluxion. Album artwork designed by Dimentia.