Machine Vision


Mixing the austere digital sonics of a destroyed world with a funky, tongue in cheek dance floor vibe, WMX knows how to rock the party. After seeing him consistently throw down at Darkmatter, Void Tactical, and SPAZ parties we knew it was time to get his music out. On MACHINE VISION, WMX weaves elegantly detailed, sharp broken programming into a dark, yet playful perspective on current technological development. The first half of an audio diptych, WMX invites us to place electronic music squarely in the context of the quickening development of intelligent machines, and both their military and civilian uses. We all know that, at least in part, our fascination with electronic music stems from questioning the changing definition of humanity. So WMX lets us in on his secret: you can engage some serious critique, but also keep it fun and have a great party. Music: WMX, Design: Key, Mastering: Xanopticon

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