FS002 Remax


Next up on From & Structure, FS002 manifests as a strong release from Void stalwart Killx8. Always performing in disguise, in full ninja garb, many have wondered just who exactly this masked figure is. One thing is for sure though: whether in his sets or in his recorded material Killx8 delivers some of the best modern hard broken acid there is to find. On this release we see a more varied approach as Killx8 shows of his on point production skills remixing Void Tactical artists. Killx8 takes one of Jstat's first tracks on wax (from VTCL001) and reworks it's cold machinery into a true dancefloor destroyer. He also digs deep, surfacing an often performed, but never released, Split Horizon track and remixing it with his signature breakcore translated beat structures. A treatment of Dimentia's Konstrain, released on Void008, rounds out the release, a playful but hard-hitting Chicane remix adds a touch of humor and the opening track gives us a window into what is to come from Killx8's own production. Don't miss this release and get ready to hear more from Killx8!