FS008 Thee Ritual ov Dissektion


Before shoving off for our 2 month Broken Bass tour of Europe, Void Tactical Media was delighted to announce the latest 2 track EP from our closest of collaborators: Dimentia. Thee Ritual ov Dissektiion continues the crafted, mature sound Dimentia broke on A Vision's Voice earlier this year. Tirelessly tweaking his composition and sonic delivery has paid off, as we enjoy 2 more tracks capturing his genuine, signature style. You'll recognize Incense instantly if you've seen him live - it's often the sound you hear when Dimentia takes control of the room. Dissektion follows this intro with a pounding delivery and brings the EP home. DImentia again signs off with his own original album artwork, and Xanopticon watches the board for the final mix.

Full quality downloads are available at http://voidtacticalmedia.bandcamp.com/album/thee-ritual-ov-dissektion