The day has finally arrived for the full release of WMX's second installment of MACHINE VISION. These sister tracks to the first half of this two EP quartet only turn up the heat - pounding hybrid industrial grit against sculpted percussive architecture. MACHINE VISION II kicks off with GEOMETRY OF IMAGE, a slamming rhythmic noise manifesto destined for building dancefloor energy - the distorted rawness of breakcore cultivated through a techno lineage. On the flip PHYSICS OF LIGHT plays like a lesson in cerebral breakthrough, again peaking the channel with full a full spectrum assault of broken beat industrial funk. The first of what is soon to be a deep catalogue of material from WMX, the MACHINE VISION quartet is your first recorded intro to the deluge of his production. Check the tracks, and get ready to move.


Activator / Interflow


Waiting in the wings for almost a year, the Activator ep showcases some of Split Horizon's newer material, opening a window into how his sound has been mutating since earlier days of hard broken beats. The title track kicks an unyielding broken drum line against weaving, resonant synths and cleaner, more refined production style. Interflow manifests as a fluid, morphing force of thick bass that crescendos to a noisy finale. Further expanding Void Tactical's broken bass style, Activator sums up the last year of Split Horizon's live sets and points outward to the future.

Music: Split Horizon
Original Artwork: Dimentia
Layout & Color: Split Horizon
Mastering: Audible Oddities (Full Rack)


Thee Ritual ov Dissektion


Before shoving off for our 2 month Broken Bass tour of Europe, Void Tactical Media was delighted to announce the latest 2 track EP from our closest of collaborators: Dimentia. Thee Ritual ov Dissektiion continues the crafted, mature sound Dimentia broke on A Vision's Voice earlier this year. Tirelessly tweaking his composition and sonic delivery has paid off, as we enjoy 2 more tracks capturing his genuine, signature style. You'll recognize Incense instantly if you've seen him live - it's often the sound you hear when Dimentia takes control of the room. Dissektion follows this intro with a pounding delivery and brings the EP home. DImentia again signs off with his own original album artwork, and Xanopticon watches the board for the final mix.

Full quality downloads are available at




Mixing the austere digital sonics of a destroyed world with a funky, tongue in cheek dance floor vibe, WMX knows how to rock the party. After seeing him consistently throw down at Darkmatter, Void Tactical, and SPAZ parties we knew it was time to get his music out. On MACHINE VISION, WMX weaves elegantly detailed, sharp broken programming into a dark, yet playful, perspective on current technological development. The first half of an audio diptych, WMX invites us to place electronic music squarely in the context of the quickening development of intelligent machines, and both their military and civilian uses. We all know that, at least in part, our fascination with electronic music stems from questioning the changing definition of humanity. So WMX lets us in on his secret: you can engage some serious critique, but also keep it fun and have a great party.


A Dream Manifested


Form and Structure 006 hits hard featuring the first of several 2 track EP to be released by Dimentia. One of Void Tactical Media's most crucial artists and collaborators, Dimentia presents here two tracks of serious sonic sculpture and dancefloor mayhem in his signature style. In A Dream Manifested, Dimentia hones waves of chaos into a unparalleled broken bass noise and electro onslaught. With Xanopticon stepping in again on the final mix and mastering, this sonic delivery is targeted for dancefloor and forest floor alike. Lend this one an ear and stay tuned for a juggernaut of releases from Dimentia as 2012 unfolds!


Eight Legged EP


A long time participant in Michigan's now famous noise scene (check Hanson or American Tapes if you somehow missed this), Redrot - Ryan Opperman by name - gives us the industrial floor in a way only he can. With teeth cut in grindcore bands and distorted electronic hardware, Redrot can give you all the darkness you could ever want and more. In Eight Legged EP he gives us 4 solid tracks filled with bass synth / bass drum counterpoint and motion - terror mastered and channeled. Check Mutant Youth Choir and Dead Rat Wheel's groove the bass lines, while Under Your Skin gives you a totally spooked out ride and Eight Legged Acid provides what can only be called a true acid creeper. This is Industrial bass at it's best - threading broken beats and sculpted low end together seamlessly into dance floor bombs that open up entirely new vectors of hybrid sound. With album artwork by Intoner, this may very well be THE creature feature of 2012.




The Heresy EP finds Portland, Oregon's Intergalacterrorist joining up with the Void Tactical Media clan for his first release on Form and Structure. Showing off his diverse talent, the EP kicks off with the cyber-funk jam Heresy, before diving deep into the textural, hard sonics of Torn Apart - an exploration of sonic space and broken beats. Keeping it truly intergalactic, we then ride out on a cosmic gong-noise wave with Mercury. A long time participant in the West Coast underground, new listeners to Intergalacterrist will quickly hear a unique approach combined with a characteristic sonic void-mindedness. Here more from Intergalacterrorist at intergalactErrorist on Soundcloud or just sit tight while we get to work on his next release!
Artwork design by JStat!


Reaction Formation


Jstat is John Leonard, and he's been busy this year. You may know him through his budding career as a graphic designer, or possibly through this work with the Imagination Station on a certain Robocop Statue, but anyone hanging around Void for the last 5 years knows that his deep work has been in the studio. Form and Structure #3 catches up on a vast catalog of unreleased material, contrasting the brooding Reaction Formation with a slammin' broken techno delivery via Positive Feedback Loop. One of the core contributors to Void's sound, Jstat moves the dancefloor with hybrid rhythms only Detroit can produce. With slick album artwork provided by Ogo Eion and high quality digital mastering by Ryan Friederich aka Xanopticon, Form and Structure delivers once again. It's time to lend this one an ear…




Next up on From & Structure, FS002 manifests as a strong release from Void stalwart Killx8. Always performing in disguise, in full ninja garb, many have wondered just who exactly this masked figure is. One thing is for sure though: whether in his sets or in his recorded material Killx8 delivers some of the best modern hard broken acid there is to find. On this release we see a more varied approach as Killx8 shows of his on point production skills remixing Void Tactical artists. Killx8 takes one of Jstat's first tracks on wax (from VTCL001) and reworks it's cold machinery into a true dancefloor destroyer. He also digs deep, surfacing an often performed, but never released, Split Horizon track and remixing it with his signature breakcore translated beat structures. A treatment of Dimentia's Konstrain, released on Void008, rounds out the release, a playful but hard-hitting Chicane remix adds a touch of humor and the opening track gives us a window into what is to come from Killx8's own production. Don't miss this release and get ready to hear more from Killx8!


It's Expensive and it can Kill You


Our first release features ally and long time friend Additiv, and we couldn't be more pleased to welcome him into the fold. Since early days hanging with us near and in Detroit, he flowed through San Francisco and now resides in Berlin where he's been testing his newest sounds. Weaving together pounding bass and layered noise, we can hear the sound of those foundational influences both more abstracted and more refined. Bolus is a full spectrum assault, Rubber Fist rocks out, Tenderfuk tells the story, and It's Expensive.. contextualizes the whole assault. Complete with cover art by Ian Liddle, It's Expensive and it Can Kill You brings the best of Berlin to your system. Digital files are full quality, professionally mastered wav or flac downloads. Form and Structure is on the launch, expect new releases by the month!


Dimentia / Split Horizon split EP


Picking up where we left off with the Void Tactical Media imprint, VTCL002 welcomes the first vinyl release from Dimentia teamed up with the 2 original 'Stormwave' tracks from Split Horizon. We've been working towards this release for quite some time, and now the moment is finally here. 12" vinyl with hand screened jacked comes with Dimentia and Void Tactical Media stickers, as well as a poster with artwork by Dimentia and an essay by Split Horizon on the flip. $10 Listen on soundcloud @ VTCL002 SplitHorizon/Dimentia - 12" Vinyl Now Available by void tactical media


Stormwave / Earth has been Eaten by our Machines


Over the last few decades Detroit has established a reputation for producing some of the most unique, enduring and intelligent electronic music on the planet. Void Tactical Media's provocative first offering takes any pre-conceived notions one may have regarding MotorCity techno and spins them around at 33.3rpm. Split Horizon and Jstat have each combined elements of noise, electro and broken beats to generate music that is a radical departure from the Detroit legacy, but couldn't have come from anywhere else. The four tracks on the record have been honed and refined during countless live performances over the last year, and are served up in final mixes that are versatile enough to be reworked by capable DJs - yet strong enough to stand on their own. (review by fishhead)


Split Horizon

Void 001 (Shift 001)

First Split Horizon release, started the Void imprint. 12" vinyl.




Live PA recording of Split Horizon's Storm Wave material. Performed exclusively on hardware and in one continuous take.


Up There / Virulence


First release from Darkmatter Soundsystem's Diskore. 12" vinyl.


The Return


Killx8's first release on Void. Full length cd.


JStat/Deadlines live at WNUR


JStat and Deadlines playing live on Chicago's WNUR. Release is a cd with unique, hand-screened CDRs. Design by Deadlines.




7 tracks documenting the long standing Little Mack project of Josh Hedges. A mainstay of the Southeastern Michigan broken beat breakcore scene for over a decade, this album presents a progression of old and newer tracks as his style has grown up in the austere post-industrial midwestern America.




Sure, it's a new name but the man himself hit the scene as Selector Catalogue and a From the Gut collaborator back in the Detroit years. An old hand in Void Tactical, and the mastering engineer of our very first record, he is also the owner/operator over at Reject Records (Ann Arbor, MI). An amazingly detailed and versatile producer, in the Asteroid EP he presents his next equation, melding the intricate programming of Breakcore with dance floor vibe of Broken Beat. The result is explosive, and provides us with three mixes of hard broken acid core taken to maximum splinter level, a unique perspective with deep roots in sound of the Detroit Metro Area. Asteroid M is the DJ friendly slammer, with mix-in and mix-out for moving these staccato beats in and out of other tracks. The original Asteroid plays 2nd, supplying the full epic statement of slow build zooming from outer to inner space. Composed, mixed, and mastered by one man alone - we've got a skilled craftsman on our hands here.


Radiation Dance EP


Born in the warehouses of Detroit, long time instigators of the Eastern Market broken beat breakcore underground, Fluxion A/D captures the Detroit Industrial deep current like no other possibly could. This EP's title track is an extended distortion bathed alien vocal industrial groove that makes you wanna play it on endless. On the flip we get the harsher side of Fluxion as Simple Math pounds intense noise frequency against broken bass drum pattern. In the old days we remember God and His Bitches, and even before that Delien and Disect, when this crew where both allies and sparring partners to Void Tactical. And then to boot, M.Kadath from Parvulus Infectus steps in on Simple Math. Fluxion A/D is the next manifestation of this industrial network core collective, pushing forward yet again. Get the grit of history and a dose of the present tense - up Detroit Industrial.

Full quality purchase comes with Detroit Industrial patch, designed by Fluxion. Album artwork designed by Dimentia.